Katie is a very strange girl indeed. She specialises in the art of Enterology- a form of contortion where the body is squashed and twisted into unusually shaped or very small spaces. Her favourite place to play is her little glass box. It measures just 45cm on each side and has one way in and one way out. Watch as Katie bends and squishes her long stripy legs into the box, folding herself up in a hope to squeeze inside the tiny space.

Katie can perform outside or in, but never in the rain (she doesn't want to drown in there!). This is a great modern act and fits well in any show!

Katie was never into competitive sports but recently developed a love for tennis- not in the regular sense of course. Using a number of child sized tennis racquets watch her bend and contort herself through a series of increasingly smaller frames. Great as a second spot to support the Box Act or as a spot in a sideshow set.