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Cruising- Summer 2017

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Ahoy there! I'm currently on a ship sailing across the Baltic Sea... I know right! So here's an update!

So... I was preparing for a steady summer of facepainting, magic, contortion and sideshow when I got a call asking if I wanted to go on a cruise for the summer! So of course I said yes! Not only did I get to tick it off the to-do list I also got to spend the summer exploring Scandinavia with my bestie Magic Stephanie whilst doing a job we love!

We're sailing with Viking Line on the M/S Mariella which tours between Sweden, Finland and Estonia. There are some fantastic crew members on board and we're having a great time! We perform 2 twenty minute shows every day and a magic school. There are a few other entertainers on board but they don't stay on as long as us- theres always a band, pianist and troubadour. Ship life is lots of fun! Our magic show consists of lost of audience interaction, missing shoes, finding money, magical drawings and of course a card trick or two! Working with Stephanie is fab! Our stage personalities are like sensible and silly! haha

Heres a few photos from our adventure! Til August...

Katie x


The photo below is a backstage selfie from our first and last shows on board... we look so different! spot the hard work! haha

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