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Photoshoot fun with Dan Burgess

The Many Faces of Dan Burgess

So, if you follow my Social Media channels you’ll know I am particularly fond of photos taken by the incredibly talented Dan Burgess. He just seems to have a knack for catching great shots even when I’m not ready. My latest shoot with him is no exception!

We were cramming an awful lot in for one day- I saw Dan had created these amazing photos of himself almost like a motion photo. Four versions of himself inflating a tyre, multiple Dans exploding out of Dan’s head... fantastically creative fun. I thought what better way to showcase all my acts, costumes and characters than have them all in one photo, so I made a list of them and funnily enough- there were too many for one photo! Haha

So, it turns out it’s quite a tricky process, my original design concept I took to Dan was all of my characters on a carousel ride, at the beach, sat on a long bench or filling the front row of a cinema. On the actual day it rained… lots… so the funfair, beach and bench were off the cards, finding a cinema to shoot in wasn’t going well and while it could have been photoshopped we decided to try them all sat along a table. I chose a selection of the characters ready to go and also working progresses- the ones with the strongest looks. As I changed into each look we took some shots of each character as well. So, heres a small sample from the day!

Joker Shoot

A week later I was back in ’the studio’ with Dan, this time shooting a Joker inspired look. Dan specialises in photography at comic-cons and creating amazingly edited photo effects allowing cosplayers to live in their character’s world. Here are some of my favourites showing some of Dan’s fab edit ideas.

Check him out- he’s often at conventions and events across the UK but can also be hired privately for shoots! His work is incredible!



Katie x

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