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Blackpool Tatcon 2017

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

with Dr Diablo at Tatcon 2017

So, back on dry land and straight back into the UK gigs. This weekend I was booked by Johnny Strange to perform at Blackpool Tatcon - a weekend long tattoo convention on the North west coast. I performed two acts each day, the contortion box and the electric chair.

The electric chair was a popular show, showcasing the full set of usual stunts- lighting various bulbs and fire torches off my body, mixing water and electricity and of course- audience participation- its always an interesting section with a tattooed volunteer and they’re much tougher being used to being tattooed! We had lots of laughs and some of the other performers even got involved lighting cigarettes from my tongue!

Here's a link to a highlight video of the full weekend:

It was great to be part of this event with Dr Diablo and also to meet other lovely performers, including some gorgeous stilt walkers, burlesque girls and of course- Johnny. We’re talking about some more shows together in the future…watch this space!

Katie x

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