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Halloween 2017- Cursed

Photo by Stephanie Jayne Rashleigh

Dare I say I feel like a zombie?! Wow- what a blast halloween was! October is always a super busy time of year and this year was certainly no exception! I’ve been allover the country like a ping pong ball this Halloween, here’s some of my highlights!

Dr Diablo Sideshow meets Johnny’s Fright Night Freakshow!

Dr Diablo’s Sideshow recruited the very cool Bea Noir to rock a three person fright night special for Johnny Strange in Liverpool! A huge community event saw thousands of teenagers coming along to the scare event with a full hour show each evening! Bea is a a gorgeous, edgy sideshow showgirl performing skin stapling, glass eating, the ladder of swords and bed of nails amongst other things! Dr Diablo did what he does best- the human blockhead and classic sideshow stunts- as well as setting animal traps off on his body and I performed my full contortion set including the blade box!

The rest of the month I was in Essex, working alongside Johnny Strange again for “Cursed” in Essex- an extreme scare attraction in a country park. This was a really fun booking! An extra feature inbetween the scare attractions the client booked the entire Victorian Freakshow Tent. This meant creating a banner line of all the acts featuring throughout the month (which varied each week), setting up a stage and backdrop and creating a luxurious tent show feel. The Tent looked awesome and the crowds were brilliant, after a little fiery warm up outside the tent they were invited in to see the weird and wonderful acts. Johnny performed classic sideshow feats such as the blockhead and sword swallowing and a very cool modern stunt- balancing a lawn mower on his chin whilst the audience throw paper balls into the blades! I supplied the second act, my sword and dagger balancing act and the contortion box. We also had time to film a little promo video- link below. Time to recover now! - link to double act tent show promo

Katie x

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