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Beating the January Blues and a Brand New Year!

Middle Eastern Filming starring Dita von Hiss

So January is a tough month for performers usually, everyone sent their money over Christmas and New year so the call for entertainment isn't that high... plus its Tax return time... but determined not to have the January blues we filled our with creative projects, investing in new props, new shows, new costumes and filing new show reels!

This year we plan to launch new acts in both our solo sets and our double act, promote our two new troupes with specific style shows- Steampunk Circus and Circo Muerto and work on themed versions of our acts to stretch the boundaries.

Romantically, Johnny made me a lovely little ladder of swords for Christmas so I'm excited to debut that this year...once I've managed to actually climb up it... we've also filmed new show reels for our Middle Eastern themed set-complete with our beautiful snake charmer Arielle and her Pythons, an awesome Steampunk Circus video in an abandoned warehouse and half frozen to death filming Medieval shows at a hilltop castle. Check out the Shows pages for more info on these. Christmas also meant I got three awesome new knives so I've been enjoying throwing them at my board- they're pretty heavy compared to my others but the sound they make as they stab the targets is addictive!

February brings more of the same- filming our new double act show reel and of course Blackpool Magic Convention- the world's biggest magic convention! See you soon!

Katie x

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