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Tattoo Tea Party, the Greatest Show (and Audience), cool people and Remarkable TV.

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Backstage group shot for a super fun show

Well March came and went in the blink of an eye! We had a ton of snow... and I mean a ton! In fact it was so bad that I couldn't get Johnny to the airport for his gig in Germany- all the flights were cancelled! Luckily he got roped in to perform at Manchester Tattoo Tea Party with me for the Sideshow Illusions team.

Tattoo Tea party is a convention held at Event City in Manchester. we did several shows each day and the convention was a great success, super busy and a pleasure to work. I particularly enjoyed wearing some of the new costumes I'd been working on at the start of the year!

Straight after Tea Party came The Greatest Show. A huge event for a UK holiday park company- providing the entertainment for their entertainers at the end of their training! We did a full hour show in our team of five, the audience were incredible! Amazing reactions and a standing ovation! and what a fun team to work with, show reel for the Ringmaster's Circus is now available- check out Johnny Strange for more info!

Finally we finished the month with some filming for a really cool TV show concept pilot episode for remarkable TV, it was a hectic day but lots of fun- I can't really say more than that- but i'll be waiting impatiently to see the end result! I also had the delight of meeting two interesting guys at Blackpool Convention- one was Chris Hart- the official hand who played 'Thing' in the Addams family movie, the other a more personal hero- the very cool sideshow legend Todd Robbins who I had the pleasure of working with all the weekend. Next month I'll be in warmer climes... any guesses where we're performing next?

Katie x

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