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Showzam! 2017

Cast & crew of Showzam 2017!

This weekend was the annual Showzam! event in Blackpool! The 4 day entertainment festival runs during February in the Winter gardens in Blackpool. This year I was lucky enough to work as part of the Sideshow Illusions Team with Jon Marshall!

Showzam central filled the beautiful ballroom in the winter gardens and provided something for everyone! The traditional 1940s sideshow illusions "The Girl in the Goldfish Bowl" and the 'Headless Lady' were both there in their original glory showing their surprised audiences the entertainment of yesteryear. Sam the scam had a bunco booth tempting people with famous gambling tricks of old, the circus workshop taught hula hooping, unicycle riding and juggling and Dr Phantasma's mini ten in one stage show featured central in the space with heart stopping, jaw dropping shows every hour.

I had a great time performing my contortion box act on the main stage as well as assisting and doubling up as Miss Elastina in the blade box. For more information and to look out for next year's event head to the Showzam website!

Katie x

John Gresham's original side-show illusions restored in all their glory

stunning winter gardens ballroom

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