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Tatcon Blackpool 2018

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Queen of the Blades, by Ken Wilan Photography

Tatcon Blackpool 2018! Another epic year at this event which is one of my favourites to be at! Johnny and myself showed off our new fast-paced duo spot we worked on over the summer and both took new acts for our solo spots as well.

The awesome event photographers Ken Wilan and Richard McCann were on hand to capture the highlights and as always their work doesn't disappoint. The three day event in Norbrec Castle, Blackpool was once again filled with the sound of buzzing tattoo machines and weird and wonderful sights to behold. The entertainment team from Strange Entertainment consisted of myself and Johnny performing multiple danger shows throughout the days, stilt walkers, fire shows and our beautiful snake charmer both onstage and providing walkabout snake meet 'n' greet.

Johnny's new acts included his weight lift sword swallow (which I still can't quite watch), a straitjacket escape and a revamp for his razor blade swallowing set. Together he presented the first duo spot, an energetic blast of rope skills and sleights, tennis racquet contortion and our "Stabby Box" act- (I climb into a cardboard box and Johnny stabs wooden spears into the sides every-which-way imaginable appearing unharmed at the end, it fills a space and boggles the audiences minds). I presented our second duo spot with my bed of nails, Johnny's chainsaw act and finishing on the ladder of swords which was a huge hit. Then finally my solo spot- my new bed of blades routine with human chopping block, walking on broken glass and finally the sword and dagger balancing act (check out the photos below) all combing into a super dangerous, action packed weekend.

I also managed to squeeze in an interview for the Funny Peculiar Podcast talking to the lovely Jeff/Steph about all things sideshow, my acts and how I got into this crazy world of entertainment. Be sure to give the Funny Peculiar podcast a listen for all manners of odd and unusual acts and performers. My episode date hasn't been released yet but I expect sometime in 2019.

We have big plans for next year already! Thanks again for having us Tatcon and we can't wait for 2019!

Katie x

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