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Event Planning: Circus at The Benn Hall and Scottish Entertainment

Circus Vibes at Buxton Dome

Wow- so September is proving to be the busiest month going- so I'll keep this one short and sweet. I've been back from Korea for a couple of days, I've had gigs on all of them and I fly out to Montreux in a few days then straight onto China!

I just had time to plan and squeeze in a few corporates with some of our favourite performers!

Firstly we had the beautiful wedding in Buxton at the Dome venue where we provided entertainment between the dinner courses and walkabout afterwards. I trialled my new tiger walkabout alongside Johnny as the whip cracking Ringmaster.

Next up we went down to Rugby where the Greatest Showman reign was in full swing! We provided a full evening of entertainment- a circus workshop in the foyer for the kids to have a go while their parents popped to the bar, then two 45 minute sets with an interval- we took our amazing aerialist, snake charmer and hula hooper with us.

Finally the third stop was Glasgow. This time we took our commercial Popcorn and Candyfloss set ups with us and provided a ten performer show including trapeze from the ceiling, hula hooping, LED, juggling, magic, danger, unicycling and many more. Our popcorn and candy floss carts are additional to our usual performance package and the servers are dressed in themed costumes- I am usually the candyfloss girl with my gigantic pink wig, and the flavours are mix and match. I love designing combinations such as "the Bearded Lady"- a purple a black swirl of floss with Cola and grape flavours! So much fun!

Katie x

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