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Montreux, Switzerland

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Where do I even start on the amazing trip that was Montreux?

I contacted Montreux Tattoo Convention to offer them the Double Act- unfortunately by the time they got back to me Johnny was already booked somewhere else! No worries though- challenge accepted and I drafted in some quirky parts for the gorgeous Arielle Firecracker to play in my act and suggested she perform burlesque too.

We flew out on the Friday and had two shows each day! My set was 25 minutes silent performance so I was busting out plenty of visual material and the photographers at the convention didn't let me down with their amazing shots. My set was to electro swing and consisted of razor blade swallowing, bed of nails, walking on broken glass, bed of blades, the human chopping block and the sword and dagger balance. Arielle helped out by throwing the apple at the nails and sitting on my back whilst I laid on them then performed two of her high energy burlesque acts- Guns and Peaky Blinders. The audiences were awesome and super responsive.

We had the best time, Montreux Tattoo Convention is very well organised and the performers are treated very well. I hope to go back next year and a huge thank you to all the great people who looked after us whilst there and came to watch the show. Montreux itself is stunning, with the convention backing out onto the Lake and mountains, famous of course for being the final home of Freddie Mercury we went to see the tribute statue and enjoyed exploring the beautiful location.

Katie x

Update: Myself, Johnny and Arielle will be back fro Montreux Tattoo Convention 2019! Come see us!

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