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The Steampunk Circus goes to Scandinavia

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

The Steampunk Circus goes to Lund!

Less than 24 hours after landing from Beijing we were heading back to the airport, this time as the Time Traveller and the Inventor taking The Steampunk Circus to Lund for Sweden’s Magic weekend. Our wonderful friend Gay is the organiser and he booked us in around May as he’d been keeping an eye on our social media and liked the steampunk style and wondered if we could do him a double act spot. The magic convention audiences are interesting, doing magic for them in usually terrifying, a whole room full of your peers who think the know how to do what you’re doing… but doing variety for them is thrilling, they might not believe their eyes and try to reason a method but that makes it even better. At this weekend we provided two shows, one for the magicians and another for regular people who could buy tickets to watch the shows.

We were booked to perform alongside some huge names in magic, including our friend Miguel Munoz from Spain, Tom Stone from Sweden (again also having just got home from China), Gabor the fluteman, and the wonderful French magician Nathalie Rhomier amongst many more.

Our show was a dub stepped/ mashed up version of our regular set and we packed as much into our ten minutes as we physically could, some human target whip cracking, my contortion box remixed, Johnny’s full sword swallowing set and the chainsaw to finish. It seemed to go down pretty well with the Swedish audience which we were warned in advance could be rather quiet. Gay was a great compere and we finished the show to a standing ovation! The whole convention was a great success and I would recommend it to any magician looking for a friendly, excellent value convention. It also gave us a great chance to experience some other magic and catch up with some friends.

Soon it was all done and we were back in Copenhagen heading home for the next event.


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