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Circo Muerto Photoshoot & Screamfest

Circo Muerto Shoot

One of our regular Halloween contracts is at a super cool venue with a day of the dead themed scare attraction. Obviously Day of the Dead is actually a Mexican cultural day to celebrate the spiritual dead being able to return to earth to spend Dia de los Muertos with their families which takes place in November. It seems that the rest of the world are trying to embrace the Day of the Dead but class it as a halloween event. It makes it super difficult to skirt around the cultural appropriation area. We put together our undead circus troupe “Circo Muerto” in 2017 and the theme is exactly that… a dead circus of performers, if it’s beautiful, dead, colourful or skull inspired its in. We wanted to book an incredible Mexican performer that we know for this event but she was sadly unavailable but we still pulled off some pretty cool shows. While we were there we decided to call Dan and get a photoshoot booked in, we always take him to such glamorous locations lol. So after a while prepping our costumes and make up we decided to go with the decorated sugar skulls as our inspiration and an outdoor day of the dead photoshoot was underway. Theres a selection of shots below using the sets at the venue.

After a very busy halloween and also providing entertainment for Dia de los muertos events in the UK, we’re planning to make Circo Muerto bigger and better in the next year, Keep your eyes open for a showreel coming soon!


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