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Bubbleology & Blackpool

HUGE stage Blackpool MC 2019

At Blackpool Magic convention this year I did my usual role of working backstage with the amazing line up of performers over the weekend. Its always long hours and hard work but lots of fun and you get to meet some incredible people. One of the highlights for me was meeting the amazing Tom Noddy, an American performer who can basically be credited as the founder of the art of Bubbleology. I feel pretty safe in saying there’s nothing about bubbles this man doesn’t know. His skills are mesmerising and he’s a delight to watch, I had the pleasure of watching him perform on stage twice from the wings and also to watch his lecture. I’ve always been interested din bubbleology and the specialists in the UK are few and far between but honestly, bubbleologists from the past years at Blackpool have always seemed to struggle with lighting, air circulation and other things…. Not Tom Noddy. He was so happy and willing too talk about his art, the pros and cons, solutions to issues, things that affect it, development and everything in between. I came away from his lecture totally inspired to embrace a new challenge and work on adding another variety string to my bow.

I am also the first adult small enough to fit inside Tom’s travel bubble hoop which is pretty cool- though it was a bit of a squeeze. Check out the photos below! So watch this space… bubble updates coming soon if my patience can handle it!


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