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Blackpool Magic Club Dinner and Todmorden Carnival

Meeting the Mayor

Its been another exciting few weeks...

First up was the Blackpool Magic Club Dinner- this one was terrifying and great in equal measure. Blackpool is my own magic club so whilst yes I was performing amongst friends I also realised that every person in the audience knew me. The theme was James Bond, I welcomed guest in with my new white showgirl costume then between the courses I performed my ladder of swords act to Skyfall. I absolutely loved every second of it. I was nervous because I was channeling my inner Bond girl and being 'sexy' isn't my bag- I'm goofy and silly and this was completely new territory- even though I choreographed to the music. But once I started I loved every second of it. The beautiful Natalie was the first act of the night singing her way through the starters, Slava- the Russian bad guy warmed the audience with juggling and balancing fun and I finished the evening off after dessert. It was lots of fun.

We then sent some of our amazing team to Todmorden Carnival where they walked in the parade and entertained the crowds, our medieval stilt walkers and our balloon modeller performed walkabout sets and fire and juggling shows. It was a great day despite the questionable weather and everyone seemed to have a great day!


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