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Cafe de Paris

cafe de Paris - the performance team

Wow, this event deserved its own post! Cafe de Paris is a beautiful venue near Leicester Square in London, we had the pleasure of performing there at a private event for a stunning and unusual wedding reception. The groom had a super clear vision, he wanted circus performers to walk into the wedding pretending to be lost- looking for the wedding party... when we found them we announced we were heading to Cafe de Paris for the reception and we walked the wedding guests across London to the venue.

Upon arrival the guests sat for dinner as the show commenced after the bride and groom were announced. Our team consisted of an aerialist, a fire performer, magician, contortionist, danger performers and of course our whip cracking, quick witted ringmaster.

The audience were great fun, the venue was stunning (though it was hard to get photos in the lighting), all in all we'd love to go back to Cafe de Paris! I also had an extra bonus thrown in- Burnt Soul Catsuits had a pop up shop in Covent Garden just 15 mins away so I had chance to run over and purchase my first handmade catsuit- and if I do say so myself- it is absolutely epic! Take a peek below!


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