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Circus Fun in Manchester

Usually if we get a candyfloss booking thats my area of expertise... I love mixing the flavours and creating unusual tastes. I also love being the candy floss girl character but this event wanted a bit of everything. This private company party held at the Victoria and Albert Marriott wanted to create a full circus experience with the smell of freshly made popcorn and candyfloss as well as walkabout entertainment and stage shows. So for this event we decided to train up some new catering performers to serve the popcorn and candyfloss so we could perform ourselves.

The evening was a great success, we welcomed the guests on arrival with fire outside, and the ringmaster and showgirls helping guests to find their seats. Then as dinner was served the show began. I opened with a Queen of the Blades act- my ladder of swords and sword and dagger, followed by our aerialist on her lollipop hoop. Our fantastic LED performer had the lights dimmed for her set allowing her props to create lovely light patterns and finally Johnny closed the show with sword swallowing. After that the party was in full swing and the popcorn and candy floss were in high demand- our new team members did a fantastic job and they will definitely be working with us again!

This was one sweet event! (couldn't resist!)


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