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Dr Diablo's Sideshow Macabre

I just performed as part of Dr Diablo's Sideshow Macabre. This production is a full evening show filled with strange stunts such as the electric chair demonstration, the human pin cushion (pictured), sword swallowing, the human blockhead, the radium girl, fire eating and much more. I got a glimpse into this world working with Michael at Showzam a few years back before I became his assistant.

This weekend I made my debut in his show as Miss Electra- the girl who controls electricity and as Vera the Radium girl- a cabinet illusion not dissimilar to a regular magic illusion but presented very differently. The audience- a convention full of bizarre genre magicians were a perfect audience. Though I think a few of them heaved along with me when Dr Diablo pierced his neck with the hat pin! I also had the great pleasure of meeting the third cast member- The Amazing Bendini- a sword swallower with the best moustache I've seen! I really enjoyed this show and can't wait to do some more- I'm already looking ahead to next year's event!

K x

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