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Hallowtween 2020- performing in a pandemic continued

This year is relentless- this awful pandemic is causing so much destruction. Whilst I've enjoyed time to relax and work on myself I miss my life. However- after fully expecting to lose all Halloween work I was pleasantly surprised when my client called to ask if we could put something together ask minute following safety protocols and aimed at teens. Here's how it went...

It was hard work but lots of fun. As a team of 4 we isolated together for 2 weeks- staying in a hotel and self testing every day. Masks had to be worn at all times expect if we needed our mouths on stage so I made us creepy masks for time between. The stage was covered but open air to ensure minimal risks and audience numbers were capped. We fully transformed the stage from plain and simple to a lot decorated freakshow (see photos below)

It was so great to perform again- people really needed it after a challenging year.

We created a 20 minute show with human target whip cracking, ladder of swords, sword balancing, duo huge fire show and illusions and we performed it between 8-10 times each day. Normally 8 would be our maximum but with numbers reduced for safety our client extended their opening hours to allow more opportunities.

Show stats were:

132 shows performed

14days in total

66 cucumbers chopped

528 roses whipped

132 newspapers split

6kg of powders used!

40 litres of parrafin used

792 fire torches eaten

56 covid tests taken

0 positive tests yay!

Happy Halloween! x

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