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Hull Freedom Fest- Sideshow Illusions

The last weekend has been one of my favourites ever! This weekend I had the absolute pleasure of once again being "Princess Amira" in the Sideshow Illusions team. The 3rd & 4th September were the official "Freedom Fest" in Kingston upon Hull. The event was a safe, enclosed, free festival with hundreds of acts, musicians and variety performing throughout one quarter of the city. The lovely Jon Marshall- proprietor of Sideshow Illusions took three of his original 1950s seaside live attractions.

The Girl in the Goldfish bowl is the Sideshow Illusion Jon is best known for his restoration project on. These attractions originally belonged to legendary showman Jon Gresham and Jon painstakingly restored the original fronts and equipment to their original workings! You can search for these acts on YouTube but they really do have to be seen in real life for the best experience.

The second illusion- spotted in the cover photo is the Headless Lady. Yvette is a medical marvel and this attraction is once again a complete vintage original restored and still unbelievably baffling today...

And finally, the third attraction is my favourite- mostly because for the last few outings I have been the resident princess... Princess Amira. The Mummy show is the most fun because it is a 'run out' attraction- at the end of the show the audience run out of the tent. I can't tell you much else because I'm sworn to secrecy but I can say I'm enormously proud to be a part of this team and I love performing this show! I can't wait to do it again!


Addition: since this post Jon Marshall has gone on to write a book about these incredible shows, their creator Jon Gresham and his family, and also the restoration process. These can be bought through Jon Marshall.

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