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Magic at STIMF

I just finished a weekend performing at South Tyneside International Magic Festival (S.T.I.M.F) as Jade in Michael Diamond's 'Diamond and Jade' illusion act. It was a honour to be booked as the closing act of the Saturday night gala show and we added a whole new illusion to our set for the occasion. Unfortunately there aren't any photos of our new prop in action but I'm sure I will get some in the next few blog posts- its possibly the most physically difficult illusion I have learned so far. We call it the Barrels of Tortuga and presented it with a pirate style twist. I'll explain more about it when there are photos to match but safe to say it went down a storm! Its a lesser seen illusion and the magicians in the audience enjoyed the rarity of it. This theatre show was so much fun, we were booked by John Archer who was a delight and made the whole weekend hilarious. The compere of our show was the brilliant Michael Finney who I had to get a selfie with before he flew back to Arizona- it was crazy watching him perform live after id been studying his DVDs on magic just a few weeks before. I also got to finally meet the lovely Tamsyn and Michael from High Jinx who performed a great fats paced variety act with juggling, unicycling and quick change. The show also featured an amazing mind reader- Luke Jermay who's mentalism act is on another level. STIMF is a magic convention primarily but the evening shows at the Customs House theatre are open to the public, its always a little more stressful performing in front of your peer but having the energy of a large public audience is amazing! STIMF runs every year- be sure to check them out on social media!

K x

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