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Montreux Tattoo Convention 2019

I'm so happy to be writing this blog because this year not only was I invited back to Montreux Tattoo Convention I was also asked to bring Johnny as well as Arielle! So we went on a fun trip to one of the prettiest places in the world. The Montreux team are the loveliest, most caring bunch of organisers I've ever met and when we arrived our dressing room had gold stars allover it- so cute! Which Johnny and Lindsey immediately stuck allover my was great to be back and catch up with all the friends we made the previous year, Cecile and the hair team, Alexandre the host, Jerome, Alex and the team and to meet and work with Amy who looked after us all weekend and was a star!

We performed 2 different shows each day and our double act was all new and fresh material- I adapted my ladder of swords so it would fit in a suitcase meaning it could finally be a regular international act and the audiences in Montreux seemed to really enjoy the new shows. Arielle took two new routines too and as always left a lasting impression!

We had a fantastic time in Montreux and we really hope we manage to make it three years running and see everyone again in 2020! Thank you Montreux- as always- you were a beautiful pleasure!


also- the plane home was very turbulent... one of us was trying to sleep, one had a few too many bubbles and soon got over the turbulence worries and didn't actually realise they were on a plane anymore and the other had to cope with a sleeping person and a tipsy person... see if you can guess which is which!

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