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My Best Friend's Wedding

First of all huge news! Not only was I bridesmaid for the first time ever this year I was also Maid of Honour!!!! Talk about exciting and scary! Even bigger news- this happened because my lovely best friend Stephanie Rashleigh married Jason Iontton this week! So here's some photos from their big day- their official photographer was Naomi Barker- you can tell which ones are hers...

Steph particularly wanted a very simplistic wedding with a lovely nautical theme, the reception was at a yacht club with a pontoon meaning the newly wedded couple could arrive by boat. We went for beach waves ( messy curls when you have a pixie cut!) and I still can't get over how lovely our navy dresses were. For the evening I painted us all matching shoes with our names and roles on, I even painted some for Poppy who was 1... she had just sent a while taking her other shoes off so wasn't that impressed when I popped them on her feet though Auntie Vicks liked them! The wedding party was a ton of fun as you can probably see from the seriousness in the photos... we actually did take some serious ones of course!

Also- having performers as friends meant that Steph could have some fun wedding entertainment and Johnny Strange was happy to oblige performing his classic sword swallowing set which definitely made a lasting impression on the crowds.

It was the perfect day and being part of Steph and Jason's wedding meant the world to me- I wish them a lifetime of happiness together.


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