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Performing at the Rise Hall

This was a very special event indeed. This spring we were booked by a private company to attend their two day event at the stunning Rise Hall in Hull. When you arrive at this incredible venue you seem to be in the middle of nowhere then suddenly when you drive through it woods on the driveway its grand front is upon you. Inside its as beautiful as the outside with the decoration in keeping with the age of the manor itself.

The first day involved us running a surprise circus workshop- I recently added flow poi to our workshops and it was a fun and challenging new skill to teach. As the guests were all adults this also added challenges as they were less inclined to 'just go for it' like kids do and actually wanted instruction- which was great! After a few hours of juggling, unicycling, poi, diablo and spinning plates the team had all come away with at least one new skill and had lots of fun in the process.

The second day was a more classic job for us. The company had a dinner and speeches and we provided an hour long show plus meet and greet afterwards. The room was beautiful- a dance floor stage but an intimate setting with the tables close by. I opened with my Queen of the Blades act- the ladder of swords, human chopping block and sword and dagger. Then Johnny Strange took over and after a spot himself introduced our new snake charmer with her lovely pythons. I closed the show with my tennis racquets and box contortion set and the audience seemed to have a really great time. They loved the meet and greet afterwards and they said they couldn't wait to work with us again for their next annual event! Unfortunately- despite meeting come official photographers at the venue I didn't get chance to get their details and I only have these which were taken by audience members- but they still capture the beauty of the venue and the fun that was had by all!


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