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Plymouth Summer in the City & Oxford University Museum of Natural History

Theres always one weekend in August every year which is a date that everybody wants and this year was no different. On the busy weekend of 2019 we had gigs in Plymouth, Cornwall and at Oxford University's Museum of Natural History.

We started in Plymouth- with their last date of their "Summer in the City" campaign. This was really fun, we did a few pop up shows in the town square and plenty of walkabout entertainment with our roaming characters- 4 wild styled stilt walkers, ringmaster, showgirl and Juggler. The same evening we stayed in Plymouth for a military event at a very cool historical barracks site.

The next day we had the lovely Amira and Amelia representing us in Cornwall stilt walking and performing their fire show ad woodland fairies and then the very exciting, meticulously planned steampunk circus gig in Oxford. The Oxford University Museum of Natural History is without a doubt one of the coolest and most unusual event venues in the UK. Our team of performers covered a huge variety of skills and styles from steampunk stilt walkers, to victorian strongmen, futuristic contortionists to runaway circus chimps accompanied by an organ grinder. This was a fantastic gig for a very enthusiastic and specific client. We were very happy to exceed their expectations.

All in all- we had an exhausting but brilliant weekend! I wish they were all like this!


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