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Tatcon Blackpool 2019

Tatcon Blackpool 2019 marked my third year performing at this event and its one of my personal favourites. The organisation team and stage crew are amazing and super friendly, its a really exciting, action packed convention with a great atmosphere. When I say action packed I really mean it! This year the entertainment programme we provided was so busy we split the shows across two rooms with Punch and Judy being performed throughout the day in the second hall.

On the main stage acts ran from 10am through to 6pm meaning there was always something exciting happening. This year our stunning fire duo returned with their amazing fire show- this is always a huge hit! We brought everyone's favourite Russian juggler Slava who performed a hugely interactive show- getting even the toughest tattooed men up dancing! Our hula hooper Steffi added bursts of energy and provided a fun have-a-go hooping session for guests.

Johnny and myself added a load of brand new stunts to our show and performed solo and duo acts throughout the day. Check out the photos above for some of the crazy stuff we got upto. I treated the parents in the audience to my lego walk act and we upped our human chopping block to new extremes by resting my throat on a pitchfork whilst Johnny chopped on the back of my neck- this is super dangerous- DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! I also performed the electric chair with Doctor Diablo which as always added an extra dose of unusual to the day.

To top things off we also added some walkabout entertainment to showcase our new plant pot head characters and Marvel Superheroes. It was a very busy, super successful weekend and after this one we have even bigger plans for 2020! Watch this space!


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