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The Electric Chair- Manchester Histories Festival

This is a brief one as I'm limited on images to share with you but for the past few weeks I have been spending my Saturdays half dressed performing an electric chair demonstration to honour the incredible performer Stromboli who starred at the Belle Vue Showground in Manchester. The Manchester Histories Festival put together by the amazing Prof. Vanessa Toulmin runs throughout the month with pop up features across the city.

Thias pop up museum in the city's Northern Quarter focuses on the circus and carnival element of the old Belle Vue attraction. Stromboli himself- the famously associated performer of Belle Vue came to open the attraction himself and admire the display of history Manchester had to offer. Myself and Dr Diablo have been performing a full electric chair demonstration based on the original show presented by Stromboli with his wife. The show is approximately 20 minutes long and features myself as Miss Electra- a girl with control over electricity who showcases her talents using a number of objects selected by Dr Diablo. This show has a cheeky, humorous style and features real electricity- how do I do it? Come check it out? You might even be invited up on stage to help- a truly shocking experience!

K x

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