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Twinwood Festival 2019

This event was a HUGE deal for me- after wanting to simply attend the Twinwood Festival for years to actually be invited to perform there was a dream come true!

Twinwood Festival is undoubtedly the UK's best vintage festival. Like most music festivals it features camping, hundreds of live musicians and field upon field of dancing crowds... the main difference being that Twinwood is one classy establishment! The beauty of Twinwood is that the focus is on yesteryear- with the glamour of decades gone by at the heart of the festival. As one of the comedians we worked alongside said "as I drove up the lane and saw £50,000 camper vans in a neat row I knew this wasn't a normal festival, its like Glastonbury for old people!" - he didn't mean the older generation- though the festival is welcoming and appeals to all age groups- he meant people from the past. Walking through Twinwood is like a trip back in time- its a sensory overload. Dancers at this festival can really dance, or can learn to whilst they're there! They dance jive, swing, Lindy bop and even Charleston! Like all festivals there is a main stage, and many smaller venues- both in and outdoors, such as the Moonshine Glade or the recently added Electro Swing stage. In 2019 the organisers decided to add an extra venue to the growing festival- The Club Marlene... and thats where we came in.

Club Marlene was named after the stunning legend Marlene Dietrich and is an evening only venue... a comedy club to be exact. We were booked as the variety act between two very well known UK comedians- Shaun Williamson and Mick Miller. The new venue was a roaring success- the venue hit capacity before it even opened officially and the doormen had to operate a one in one out policy! Both nights were great fun, we performed an action packed thirty minute show each day with all of our classics including my contortion box act, the ladder of swords, sword swallowing and the chainsaw act.

We are very happy to report we were immediately invited back to perform again in 2020 and we are already looking forward to it!


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