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University of Falmouth- Freshers!

Hands down one of the most tiring and equally energising gigs I have ever done! Johnny, myself and our amazing team of performers rocked the stage for almost 4 solid hours at the Student Union at Falmouth University. Their freshers event was insane and they were such fun, enthusiastic and appreciative crowd. The DJs working the decks behind us were really helping to drive the audience as well whistling and clapping as we performed to their sets, though the stage was unbelievably hot and the 'ten minutes on' rotation sets that we were doing seemed to last much longer. Such a fun night though! I love that the photographer captured me peeling the banana, and also the perfect chop- it's still falling through mid air!

Thank you so much for having us Falmouth and we hope to be back again next year! Wishing you all a great year of study and fun!


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