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Wonderland in central London

This is a late post because it actually happened before we started the superhero six weeks! Oops!

But we were asked to create exciting energy and atmosphere with a whole bunch of Alice in Ownderland characters for a property development launch with St James in London. It was a scorching hot day in a small green communal space surrounded by modern glass skyscraper apartment blocks (and a westfield)...

They really went all out hiring giant props, candyfloss, oversized garden games, cocktail makers, a dj, and pretty much the whole cast of Alice in Wonderland characters.

With Alice growing and shrinking (on stilts), often being chased by an equally tall and menacing Queen of Hearts who left the knave on candyfloss duty. The tweedles got up to fun and mischief with a fire show, the white rabbit juggled her way through the guests followed by a bouncy and overexcitable mad March hare. The Cheshire Cat wowed guests with extreme flexibility perched on top of the oversized props, the white Queen gracefully posed in her aerial hoop. And finally Absolum the caterpillar created huge bubbles whilst the mad hatter ensured everyone had plenty of tea.

it really was quite the tea party! The audience were ready for some fun and as the event was outdoors it all felt very safe. It was so nice to provide a huge team of performers again, and I had to work fast in the day doing make up for everyone and also altering costumes to adapt to the unexpected heat of the sunny day in central london. It was a challenge but a really lovely, memorable gig.

I can't wait to fall down the rabbit hole again soon x

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