What is Enterology?

Enterology is a form of contortion in which the body is twisted into strange or small spaces. 

Is the glass real?

100% real!  the glass I jump and walk on is completely real- I do get it audience checked each show but I understand its hard to believe. How do I do it?... very carefully! I top up my glass bucket up by smashing the empty bottle anytime we celebrate with a bottle of bubbles!

Who are your previous clients?

wow- so many including...

How long have you been performing?

I've been in events since 2007 but I started to get more involved in the performance part in 2009, after a 1 year break in the fashion industry I came back to entertainment as a full time career in 2010. 


Which countries have you performed in?

I've performed in over 25 countries! Some of my favourite places were Beijing, Montreux In Switzerland and South Korea.

Whats your favourite act to perform?

I love all my acts, I love watching them grow and change, if I had to choose just one though it would be my box act. 

is it really dangerous?

It's really dangerous if you are not a trained professional. I would never encourage anyone to try any of my acts at home, even something like trying to fit inside a small space without some training prior. My shows are family friendly and kids love the element of peril, I do make sure I always tell them not to try to copy what they see and leave it to the pros.

What about health and safety?

I am insured for £10,000,000 with Equity- the insurance specialists for performers. Its highly unlikely anything should happen during a show, but I always carry a full risk assessment and make sure all electrical are PAT tested. For fire performances the venues are always checked and fire safety equipment is always brought with us.

Do you involve the audience?

Several of my acts can involve the audience, from the human chopping block to helping with the bed of nails and in our double act there are plenty of opportunities for the audience to get involved!

how did you learn these things?

Many of these skills take years of continuous training,  such as the contortion elements of the act where I can always be working on my flexibility and improving. The danger stunts, well that was a case of having the guts to try it, and a few excellent advisors to help me on the way.

Why? Just why?

why not? I've had a few regular jobs in the past and while I've enjoyed the security of a 9 to 5 and having colleagues nothing beats the thrill of stepping onto a stage and nothing comes close to realising you have inspired someone else in your audience to reach for your dreams.

How do I book you?

Thats super easy- just drop me an email at katetrickett@hotmail.co.uk or fill in the contact form giving me as much information as you can and we'll get started!

Is your act family friendly?

yes! of course depending on the audience I will adapt and focus of different acts, realistically, no kids have a bed of nails lying around their playroom but kids do love to see things which look strange or impossible, when working specifically at events aimed at children and families I will remove acts they could try to recreate such as glass walking and replace it with Lego, or focus on more on things like tennis racquet contortion.

do you do walkabout performance?

I can do walkabout performance- but nothing like my acts. Unfortunately carrying swords around in public isn't ideal and with most of my acts if I was performing them walkabout style and someone walked into me by accident either them or myself could end up with an injury. But having said that I offer alternative walkabout, I can do costumed meet and greet as a feathered sparkly showgirl or perform ambient walkabout LED sets with my programmable pixel poi.

what type of places do you perform at?

Nowadays I mainly perform at corporate events but I have also worked at private parties, cabaret events, charity events, cruise lines, holiday parks and more.

can we book other entertainment through you?

Yes! Maybe you have a theme and a budget but aren't exactly sure what you want? I have organised performance packages for events of all sizes, from one performer to 20. I can even supply other things such as decoration packages, sweet tables and deluxe food carts such as Candyfloss and popcorn. Just ask and I will do everything I can to make it happen! I have a troupe of around 25 professional performers who I work with regularly covering all skills including hulahooping, snake charming, stilt walking, large fire shows, sword swallowing, escapology, juggling, circus workshops, aerial, acrobats, contortion, magicians, illusionists, unicyclers and many more...

So what about this Johnny Strange guy?

Johnny is my partner, we work together in our double act and produce concepts for shows together. We work very well together as we are virtually polar opposites! I'm very creative, have high attention to detail and love working with people, Johnny is fantastic at marketing, a great showman and is super practical at making and building props for our shows so we really are a dream team! 

How did you get into this?

I'd always enjoyed drama and creative subjects at school though I was academic and my family had hopes I would pursue a different career. My first part time job at 15 was in a costume production company, then in a large UK events company so I got the 'Entertainment bug' early on, I loved the buzz and excitement of creating fun events. Eventually I became a full time performer and took a magic residency in Manchester. The rest as they say is history. 


Is what you do real?

it depends which act you're talking about, of course magic is magic, but is it real magic? well that would be telling! the danger stunts and enterology are of course real and took a  number of years to learn, 


Are your shows scary?

They feature mild peril but are not scary. all my shows are suitable for all audiences as I quickly adapt to suit the atmosphere and target audience.


What do your parents think?

They're onboard, my mum is super proud and my dad thinks we're a little crazy sometimes (he only told Johnny to be careful once when he saw our most daring chainsaw stunt), the rest of my family are maybe still on the fence, I think people don't always understand or accept it as a real way of making a living but hey- if it pays the bills who cares. 


Who are your inspirations?

I have so many inspirations, there are so many amazing performers out there. My good friend Romany- a fantastic female magician from the UK has been a huge role model for me and her story is incredible (check out her book!). I find there weren't many female role models to look towards in magic so I was inspired my masters of their skills like Alan Wakeling. I am also lucky enough to meet many seasoned pros in my line of work who always impart great advice.


How much training do you do?

I train contortion every day, being strong is super important (almost more so than the flexibility part) so I actively work on keeping a stable core. Some of my acts require frequent practice to maintain the ability to do them and I'm always learning something new.

What are your World Records?

Where can I see you perform?

Most of my work is corporate these days but I do still perform at tattoo conventions and some public events, I usually post these to my instagram so keep an eye open there.


What is your preferred job title?

hmmm... total badass? just kidding, maybe a sideshow specialist though I mostly hashtag danger performer as in the UK especially sideshow is not a well known term. 

What’s next?

I have some big plans this year and next, I'm always working on new acts and new shows, so keep checking my social media for all things new and exciting!