The Bar Act is a 1920's themed cocktail act where water is magically turned into a huge selection of classic and modern drinks. Katie delivers the routine in sequinned Charleston style, breezing through a whole bunch of cocktails given into the audience for tasting. Expect a tipsy front row! Bar Acts were a spectacular and popular sight in the magic world in the 1940s and 50s but in recent years the high skill level for creating perfect drinks and magic has resulted in a strong bar act being a rare thing. Katie is the only magician performing this particular bar routine and probably the only female magician in the world performing an extended drinks act. So whether you're a whisky and coke drinker, a mojito fan or prefer a nice smooth martini Katie can mix something for everyone. Perfect for stage or parlour settings, 18+ audience appropriate.

Performed at The Northern Magic Convention at Harrogate theatre in 2016 and received glowing reviews.

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