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Contortion Showreel
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Katie specialises in the art of Enterology- a form of contortion where the body is squashed and twisted into unusually shaped or very small spaces. Her signature act is her little glass box. It measures just 45cm on each side and has one way in and one way out. Audiences are fascinated to watch how with careful movement and flexibility Katie manages to squeeze her entire body neatly inside the cube. This is a fun, modern act which fits well in any variety show and is ideal for corporate dinner entertainment, cabaret clubs, festivals and circus shows.

Box Act Requirements:

The box act alone is just over 4 minutes. It can be also combined with tennis contortion to make a 7 minute act.

The box is a stage act and cannot be used in a walkabout setting

2m x 1m is the minimum space- a portable platform can be provided for an additional fee

Katie is also one of the UK's original Tennis Racquet contortionists. Using a number of child sized tennis racquets watch her bend and contort herself through a series of increasingly smaller frames. This act is visually exciting, unusual and leaves guests amazed. It can also be performed as a pop up performance in a walkabout setting. 

Tennis Requirements: 

As a stage spot the tennis act is approximately 3 minutes. It can also be turned into a 20 minute walkabout performance.

This act can be followed by the Box act to make a 7 minute stage act.

For more information please get in touch, more images can be found using the links below:


A high energy, visual act in which Katie contorts her body through two tennis racquets.


This unusual, specialist act never fails to astound and amaze...



Custom requests and alternative enterology acts

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