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A trip into not so distant history led Katie to find a fantastic act which blurred the lines between magic and sideshow. An act of physical human impossibility, not one of extreme strength per se- but one which definitely presented a story of strong female performers. 

A young lady named Dixie Haygood went by the stage name- Annie Abbott, she toured the USA and parts of the world showcasing her unusual stunt as the "little Georgia Magnet". Annie weighed just over 100lbs but yet could choose any strong man in the audience and could control whether he could lift her or not. Her unbelievable skill has kept her in the performance history books and now Katie Trickett realised she too could have this control over her weight and performs a modern day Georgia Magnet tribute act.


Before the act Katie's weight is confirmed and a few gentlemen from the audience are invited to join her on stage to lift her. This is usually a very easy feat, she is often lifted high above their heads. Katie then recreates the Georgia Magnet act from history, seemingly removes the strength from the volunteers and after a few moments invites them to lift her again. Try as they might they cannot move her. Even if they join forces and try together they cannot pick her up! Katie gives the gents their strength back and they can return to their seats. How does she do it? 

The Yorkshire Magnet act can be performed anywhere with just a microphone.

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