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Tv Appearance: A League of their Own

Back dated blog post. Filmed July- aired Sept

This episode aired in autumn/winter 2022- sadly I don’t have Sky so haven’t seen it but a number of friends have contacted me to say they saw it so I guess I can talk about this now.

A team of us assembled at Elstree studios to take part in Sky’s A League of their Own- a tv Panel show hosted by Jimmy Carr featuring comedians and sporting guests who complete various games and challenges.

The production team requested specialist skills including knife juggling, sword swallowing, fire and contortion. Our job was to add to a high impact reveal on a challenge.

My role was as the fire performer and I certainly played my part in adding to the impact making poor Maisie Adams almost jump out of her skin with a well timed fire spark.

It was a long but fun day at the George Lucas Studio, it was fascinating working at the studios and really made me question if I’m still in the right career, seeing the set for The Crown and all the labelled units teeming with costumes and props for other productions it did make me wonder if I would rather work in that industry, but it’s so far and I wouldn’t want to relocate to London.

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