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Hull Magic Circle Dinner

Me in my box with beautiful lighting

A double gig in one show for me this week! I was booked to perform my box for Hull's Magic Circle Dinner, it was a lovely evening and I proudly performed alongside some very talented magicians, the very funny Alan Hudson and the super talented Rafael Schölten from Holland. My second part of the double gig was assisting the brilliant Michael Diamond in his Illusion set! The whole show was hosted by Dr Tim Cockerill- a man with many unusual skills such as eating molten lead!

The stage at the theatre was lovely! Modern and spacious with great lighting and a great backstage crew. I loved being able to create such a strong lighting mood for my set. The timing ran very smoothly and the show was well received by an enthusiastic audience. Time was pretty tight for me backstage, I followed opening act Rafael then had to do the quickest full face make up, hair and costume change in history (15 mins) while Alan did his set then straight into glamorous assistant mode for box jumping fun. We mixed the illusion set for the night dropping the solo acts in-between the boxes making it a very fast, very physical set but it was lots of fun! At the end of the night the club secretary came by to say thank you and asked me to get the contortionist from the dressing room! He couldn't believe it was the same person performing both! Gonna give myself a pat on the back for the image change then! haha

Katie x

Poster advert for Hull Magic and Dining Evening

Sizing up the box

Assisting Michael Diamond in his illusion show

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