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Halloween 2018- Cursed with The Steampunk Circus and Cressing Temple Barns

Cursed 2018 The Steampunk Circus and Cressing Temple Barns

Another year in the Amphi-Fear-tre at The Cursed in Essex and this year we were put inside one of the old barns at Wat Tyler Park. The scare park had requested The Steampunk Circus so I spent a great day turning the empty barn into an indulgent, steampunk freak show complete with banner line up, festival lights, gold velvet backdrop and vintage record player.

The barn was packed out six times a night to see our weird and wonderful 30 minute freak show featuring myself as the Time traveller, our amazing contortionist Claudia, Johnny Strange- the Inventor and our mad cap scientist Bloody Bones. Each night had a different pair of performers providing everything from sword swallowing, to laying on the bed of nails, from squashing inside a birdcage to climbing a ladder of steel machetes completely barefoot. There was was something for everyone and plenty of things that you can’t unsee.

We had our third successful year there receiving great reviews on social media and plenty of tags with photos and videos of the show. Its a lovely team of organisers at Cursed- like a big spooky family and it was lovely to take part once again.

Whilst we were in the Essex region we also squeezed in some daytime events at Cressing temple barns where we provided two outdoor danger shows for the kids during October half term as part of spooky fun! Along with our fire performer Kitty who warmed up the crowds nicely for us we had a great, super busy week of shows and really enjoyed connecting with our younger audience… just remember kids, don’t try this at home.


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