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Viking Cruises 2019

the land of endless sunset

So here we go again, Viking cruises summer 2019, same ships, same route but a full set of new shows! I'm not going to go crazy on this one as its a become almost a recurring event, but the new shows were lots of fun and the cruise guests seemed to love their summer of entertainment. I took the opportunity to launch my brand new stage bubble show! A 12 minute bubble trick show filled with all sorts of bubble magic- bubble structures, caterpillars, smoke filled bubbles, bouncing bubbles, inside out bubbles, square bubbles, humans in bubbles! you name it it can be bubbled! I had so much fun developing this especially with the language barrier challenge and the kids in the audience absolutely loved the craziness and fun of the bubble show! My next plan is to develop a walkabout version!

Otherwise, it was as always a beautiful Scandinavian experience with endless water and stunning sunsets. I caught up with old friends and enjoyed making new ones too!


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