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Christmas at Cressing Temple

After performing at Cressing Temple Barns' halloween event two years running we were invited this year to entertain throughout the Christmas season too. I won't go into too much work stuff, instead I'll just say I met two very funny, cheeky elves whilst I was there. Their names were Twinkle-bum and Greebo and they were on a very special Christmas mission.

They had to make a list, check it twice and find out who was naughty and who was nice... All through the magical Christmas experience these two elves checked off almost every visitor on Santa's official nice list... and they were sure to add any children who deserved to be on there. In between this the pair of elves could be seen getting upto all sorts of mischief, practising their juggling with Christmas puddings or following guests around with mistletoe! And since the event extended into the evening once darkness fell Twinkle would spin her beautiful LED Christmas lights around showing festive pictures and wishes from Cressing Temple Barns to all the guests. Then on Christmas Eve, these two special elves along with Dancer and Cupid (who had also popped down to visit) made their way back up to the North Pole for the final preparations for Christmas Day!


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