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Doomsday 2016

My second year in the cast of Dr Diablo's Carnival Macabre at Doomsday. This year my game had been upped, we performed a range of new stunts to the amazing audience including the steel straitjacket escape- this escape is a highly choreographed piece which demonstrates Dr Diablo's ability to escape from a variety of restraints. My favourite bit about this is the revenge aspect- its my chance to get him back for all my box jumping injuries!

I also debuted my Georgia Magnet act- this act which hasn't been seen for decades gets its name from on the the original performers who made it world famous. The principle is that gents are selected from the audience to lift me from the ground, the can easily, after removing their strength they try again, only this time no matter how hard they try they can't budge me from the ground. This is something that has to be seen to be believed but the act was well received and I look forward to developing it more, maybe even as a solo piece.

We also debuted the real Radium Girl illusion. The illusion box from last year was a similar principle to this but the Radium Girl is much more intriguing. you can see from the photo the Dr cuffs me and chains me to the box at the neck and the ankles. The box is then closed on the front and back and large full width steel blades are inserted dividing the box into thirds, after this spears are poked through the box in every possible position leaving no space for me to remain inside... when all the space has been utilised the box is turned to show all angles, then the spikes and blades removed, when the front is opened I am stood exactly where I was , chained to the box with my hands cuffed. Its a very cool act.

We were joined again by Bendini who this time performed sword swallowing and his extreme facial pincushion act which I couldn't watch but he is very cool! It was a great convention!


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