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Halloween 2016- Southport

Well hi everyone, October has been crazy busy-this year even more so than usual as I have been based in Southport at the Pleasureland Fun Park's Halloween Event. Their daytime event for families was lovely and featured pumpkin picking, walkabout characters and a cool UV puppet show, then in the evenings the park transformed... into an adults only terrifying scare attraction! As a fan of scare mazes I can quite safely vouch that this one was brilliant and extremely scary! One maze took you through the 'abandoned ghost train' - the tracks ripped up and a slide into a ball pit halfway round. The second maze was covered in scaffolding and was scary just to look at before you'd even stepped inside but the signature maze was the zoo. Southport pleasureland had the bonus of having an abandoned zoo on location- the empty animal enclosures and uneven, overgrown walkways plus absolutely zero lighting except the torch you were given on entry made this maze a whole other level of scary. With unexpected jumps round every corner and tricky actors who were exceptional at zombies.

I digress... I was there because Dr Diablo's Sideshow was booked to be a bonus for attendees, one of the queues could actually watch the show from the front of the attraction and we always had a crowd around as we performed several shows each evening. The show starred Dr Diablo performing a whole host of weird and unusual things, the brilliant Bendini- the sword swallower and myself- performing my contortion box routine as Luna the broken doll. The event was outdoors so keeping warm enough to perform safely was a challenge but I made it through the run and really enjoyed further developing this unusual act.

On the last day Dan Burgess came to visit and take some photos... they were so cool I made a whole separate post on them...


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