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My Bar Act Debut- Northern Magic Circle Convention 2016

Not gonna lie- this was the biggest adrenaline rush of my life and I'm still not certain if I enjoyed it or not!

Just before Christmas my good friend Danny asked me if I would like to perform a solo stage magic act in the Sunday gala show at his magic convention. This is an incredible opportunity for any magician and is certainly not to be missed- but... there is always a sense of added pressure when performing for your peers.

I took this opportunity to develop an act I'd had in the pipeline for some time, a magical bar act in 1920s style. I planned to produce a large number of various colourful cocktails from a single shaker filled with water and hand them to the audience... so thats exactly what I did. I was very lucky to have some amazing magical advisors on board in helping me with solving issues that came up during creation and development- thankfully the act was ready to go just in time.

The convention itself was fantastic, and had a brilliant line up- many of the friends who advised me in my act performed at the convention too and when it came to showtime I was ready to make my first solo magic stage debut. It was terrifying! A beautiful but full theatre with a mostly magical audience- I made it through though and loved to see Danny and Steph smiling at me from the front row.

The feedback from other magicians has been very interesting and I'm looking forward to performing this act again very soon!


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