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World Stars of Magic

This blog post comes straight after a very cool gig last night. I can't remember the last time I was this nervous! I assisted my regular magician Michael Diamond in the theatre show- The World Stars of Magic. I didn't make it onto the poster but here are some photos of our performance. We opened both halves of the show with a choreographed illusion performance. The production level in comparison to our regular circuit was crazy- and as many of our friends and family came to watch I felt more excited than normal. The show was awesome- watching the other acts from the wings was brilliant. The incredible juggler Kris Kremo just had a phenomenal act which he had clearly performed a million times a knew it inside out, so slick. My lovely friend Romany graced the stage with her beautiful, pink sparkly magic show- she is amazing and her style is timeless. A funny comedy magician named John Archer closed the show and the audience loved him.

All in all it was a brilliant night and I hope I did Michael proud. Its always a ton of pressure being an assistant- people expect it to be a glamourous job and I'm glad we assistants manage to give that impression, in reality its hard work and if you mess up you can ruin the magician's act. People who think you can buy a illusion and become an illusionist are wrong- you need to develop a trust between the performers, a faith that the other will solve issues and your presentation is everything. I can't wait to do more theatre shows with the illusion act- its a whole different game from the touring circuit and its super exciting!

K x

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