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Yggdrasil! The Strange Circus

Team Strange for Yggdrasil

“How do you say it?” ...


The most commonly asked phrase of the weekend. We performed at the ICE casino convention for Yggdrasil- a gaming company with a circus themed game platform. The convention stand was amazing, just like a huge circus complete with lions cage, strong man high striker and popcorn machine. Of course our aim was to attract people to the stand and to encourage them to play the game, we were on site all day, providing snake charming, bounce stilts, walkabout magic, ringmaster compering and contortion from myself. Contortion all day from 10-10…. Someone didn’t think that through lol. Safe to say I was pretty sore by the end of it but we had a great time and the client’s were really excited about the energy and special touch we brought to their stand.


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